Relationships can activate intense feelings and past wounds within each partner. Couples therapy can help you develop a greater awareness of these cycles and offer new tools to better manage challenges as they arise.

areas of focus

Strengthening Connection                        Improving Communication

Deepening Trust & Intimacy                    Managing Major Stressors

Conflict Resolution                                     Navigating Life Transitions

I encourage couples to consider therapy not just as a last resort, but as a chance to grow and explore together when issues and differences arise. Doing this may help to resolve issues, and also create greater intimacy and connection. Resolving small issues may offer opportunities for greater closeness and growth, rather than developing into large problems.

Sometimes relationship issues cannot be resolved, and in such cases I work with couples to help navigate this difficult period with more compassion, grace, and ease, maximizing the potential for healing and finding meaning in the process.

premarital | pre-commitment counseling

Learn how to enhance connection and resolve conflict before areas of difference, negative habits or relational patterns become entrenched. Couples will complete the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment intended to identify your unique strengths as a couple and potential areas for growth. I offer a counseling package with assessment. See Fees & Forms for more information on packages.

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