Do your thoughts leave you feeling sad, worried, or overwhelmed? Do you feel stuck and struggling with how to move forward? Are you experiencing or preparing for a major life transition? Are you noticing patterns in your life that are making you unhappy?

Every stage of life offers opportunities for growth. Growth can be difficult because challenges cause us to look at our life and our deepest self.  Our thoughts, behaviors, and subtle shifts can create positive change in your current stage of life. By uncovering and working through your negative emotions, you will have the ability to live your best life right now.

areas of focus

Major Life Transitions                Identity & Self-Esteem

Anxiety & Worry                            Sadness & Depression

Relationship Conflicts                 Grief & Loss

I use a holistic, integrative, and client-centered approach to therapy. I work collaboratively with clients to identify, understand, and deconstruct unproductive thoughts and patterns. I provide a compassionate and safe space to explore issues so that you can to move toward a life that is more fulfilling on multiple levels.

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