prenatal & parenting

Are you pregnant? Or considering starting a family? Do you want to explore what this may mean for yourself, your relationship, career, family, and other aspects of your life?

Pregnancy and parenting can bring up unexpected emotional reactions from unresolved issues from your own childhood. Pregnancy and parenthood offer opportunities to explore personal histories and how this could relate to your strengths as a parent and shed light on areas of growth.  

Do you have concerns with how a baby will affect you and relationship with your partner? Relationship issues and challenges often occur with the birth of a child. By strengthening your bond as a couple and creating a strong foundation, a healthier family unit will emerge. 

Areas of focus

Exploring changing identity                                               Attachment 

Examine hopes, fears, expectations, goals                  Parenting styles

Transitioning of relationship: from couplehood to parenthood              

*I offer therapy for both individuals and couples. 

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